The year is 8:99 Blessed.

With the birth of twin boys to Emperor Etienne I of Orlais, the Blessed Age was heralded as an age of bounty and prosperity. But in the eyes of the Fereldens, it would forever be remembered as an age of war and blood.

It has been 75 years since Ferelden fell to the mighty Orlesian Empire. With the defeat of King Brandel, the free people of Ferelden, who valued freedom above anything else, were forced to bow to the Orlesian noble, Meghren, as king.

Under Meghren’s rule, Ferelden suffered.

Coin, land, food, women and children were plundered while what little rights the elves had for themselves, were dismissed. Landsmeet was considered a farce as Ferelden laws were regarded as treason. And to make things worse, the people of Ferelden were divided between Orlesian sympathizers and Ferelden rebels.

But even in this time of turmoil, there is still hope.

And this hope lies in a group of ordinary men and women who rose to greatness from the ashes of despair.

Now, I will tell you of these individuals. We will learn of their deeds, we will experience their trials and tribulations, we will face the countless dangers they faced and we will share their tragedy and happiness.

Our tale begins in the bustling village of Gherlen’s Rest. Five strangers, in search of food, entertainment and rest, found their way to the village inn. And by a twist of fate, they would be united by a single event that would spark the beginning of their epic journey together…

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Prologue: On the 3rd of Guardian

Chapter One: It Always Starts in A Tavern

Party Camp #1: First Name Basis

Chapter Two : Bite of “The Frozen Teeth” (Current Session)

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