Gherlen's Rest

A cosy village nestled along the road leading towards Gherlen’s Pass, it currently houses a tiny population of 26, with 1 more along the way. The village’s main and most important building is the inn found in the middle of the village – Argold’s Haven, as this is the final resting point for travelers seeking to use Gherlen’s Pass.

Originally the site of a resting camp for Orlesian Soldiers marching into Ferelden, an enterprising human merchant from Orlais by the name of Harrinton, decided to set up shop in 8:32 Blessed, with goods and services catered specifically to travelers.

From a single storey establishment with two modest rooms, Harrinton’s inn (named after his eldest son, Argold) has since expanded to include three storeys of small cosy rooms to luxury suites. The village is equipped with a stables and a supply shop, The Traveler’s Backpack, run by Harrinton’s son in law, Jerod.

Gherlen’s Rest is protected by a spiked-log fence that surrounds the entire village and it has it’s own mercenarial guard hired by the Harrinton family.

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Gherlen's Rest

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