Helena of Redcliff

Ferelden Freeman


Name: Helena of Redcliffe
Background: Fereldan Freeman
Age: 23
Gender: F

Appearance: Helena is tall and thin, with dark eyes and a lean and tense look. She keeps her shoulder-length brown hair pulled back in a utilitarian topknot. Her clothing is simple and durable — the browns, greens, and blacks of a hunter — and though she covers her leather armor with the loose-fitting tunic, she wears her blade openly. Though she’s weathered and tanned from life on the road, her voice is a smooth alto, languid and rich like that of a noblewoman.

Class: Rogue
Level: 1 EXP:
Health: 32/32

Speed: Defense: Armour Rating: 3
Armour Type: Light Leather

Weapon= Attack Roll + Ability Weapon Damage + Ability
Short Sword = 3d6 Dexterity 2 1d62 Dexterity 2
Longbow = 3d6 +Dexterity 2 1d6
3 damage +Peception 2

Class Powers & Spells:
Bows, Brawling, Light Blades, Staves
Rogue’s Armor

Talents & Languages:
The King’s Tongue (speak, read)

Apostate Sympathizer

X Communication: 3

Constitution: 2

Cunning: 1

X Dexterity: 2
Focuses: Riding

Magic: 0

X Perception: 2

Strength: 1

Willpower 1
Focuses: Courage

Leather Armor
Traveler’s Garb
Short Sword
Belt Pouch
- Flask, Spike (10), Flint and Steel
Belt Pouch
- Money
- Arrows (40)
- Lantern, Flask of Oil (4), Rope (20 yards), Small Tent, Mountain Garb, Lute, Waterskin

Silver: 6
Copper: 18


Helena is from a large extended family, widespread over all of Ferelden. Her ancestral lands outside Redcliffe were forfeited in 8:93 when her immediate family fled into the wilds to escape the Orlesians’ tyranny. They met with a band of outlaws led by Gareth Mac Tir, and traveled with them for a time, hunting, raiding, and generally scraping by. When the Orlesian forces followed a refugee to their camp in 8:96 and massacred most of the outlaws, Helena again fled into the Southron Hills, avoiding notice as she made her way back west. (To this day, she has no idea of the fate of her parents and siblings, but she assumes the worst.) She spent three years scouting for caravans along the Imperial Highway and all over, finding shelter with distant cousins and new acquaintances, and has finally landed in Gherlen’s Rest, taking some time while she decides whether or not to return to Redcliffe.

Helena of Redcliff

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